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Spiritual Surgery



Stevie mayes

Spiritual Healer, psychic surgeon.

The workshop is an opportunity for you to take a step into another form of healing.

You may not have experienced healing, or are not sure if you can heal.

You may already carry out healing and are looking for another way to heal, or to enhance your own style of healing.

This workshop can help with this, giving everybody a chance to understand how this type of healing could work for them.

There will be an introduction of myself and my surgeons who work through me.

How healing works.


Practical healing in safe and controlled environment.

A chance to work with myself and my surgeons to experience their energies.

I try to make these days very relaxed and friendly, so everybody can get the best from the day.

If you are interested or would like to know more, or to book a place, please contact me on 07702114073

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Hope to see you there

On what could be the start of an amazing journey.

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